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In-reply-to » Update on trying to get Yarn into the Umbrel App Store.

Sandstorm currently has no special behavior for local networks versus over the Internet: All things use the public IP and supports Let’s Encrypt. Access hence somewhat depends on hairpin routing, but certificates are no issue. On my home network, I actually adjusted my DNS to route my Sandstorm with local IPs internally, mind you, so it works when the Internet is down.

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In-reply-to » So I setup a Cloudron installation on a Vultr VM.

The way Sandstorm generally addresses the initial-user setup problem is that you can generate an “admin-token” from the CLI to log in administratively one time, and do whatever account setup (or OAuth configuration recovery) that you need to do.

I’m kinda curious where they failed out on this, considering it’s a ready-to-deploy app they support on Vultr, from the looks of it.

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In-reply-to » @retrocrash So... About these other self-host(er) communities you speak of... Where do we find them, who do we talk to? 🤔

@prologic@twtxt.net Obviously Yarn should be on Sandstorm, but as much as I knock other selfhosting platforms you could get on them very easily. Cloudron, Umbrel, etc. are basically just Docker hosts at the end of the day, but it’d put Yarn in front of everyone who uses those platforms for self-hosting.

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