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In-reply-to » Reaching 700M Active Users, Telegram Announces 'Premium' Tier "Telegram became one of the top-5 downloaded apps worldwide in 2022 and now has over 700 million monthly active users," they announced this weekend. "This growth is solely from personal recommendations — Telegram has never paid to advertise its apps."

@prologic@twtxt.net exactly! Everyone should be using RFC 2549 for all their communication needs! 😂

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Looks like ntfy.sh has released support for iOS notifications. I was thinking perhaps Yarn.social could have either a poderator, or user, section to enter in a ntfy server (ntfy can be self hosted btw!) and what notifications to receive.

I personally would like to explore this option until Apple gets their shit together to support Web Push Notifications.

Thoughts? 😅

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